Looking for Stardom

At often times we find ourselves disillusioned with what our closet has to offer, so we set off with a white top and start looking for layering partners. We contemplate the pieces we haven’t worn for a while and give them a second try. And sometimes outfits like these come up!

Is it a cape? No, but it could be. Does it give you special powers? Maybe. Is it pretty fabulous? We think so! Kimonos have an instant ability to add charm to any outfit, even more when colored matched.

Does it give you special powers? Maybe

Looking for the star items in your closet can be tricky when you happen to see the same pieces everyday. Your eyesight is numb, so just take a step back, reconsider and start gazing for the stars!










Kimono: Asos

Shorts: Pull&Bear

Top: Zara

Shoes: Adidas

Hat: H&M

Belt: Zara

Bag:Nine West

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