Hybrid Coat

The sad fate of trends is that they come and go. Sometimes that particular hue we see all season can smoothly disappear the next. Some trends are recycled, adjusted or simply reintroduced to the market, a vicious circle we are pleased to reinforce. But what we appreciate dearly are hybrids, the mixture of two or more seemingly different items to create a new something.Their functional or aesthetic aspects are effortlessly merged in such a way that you have to stare a while before realising what is going on.

Latest favorite hybrid: this knitted coat. It happens to be the solution to every girl’s shared dilemma: I love this coat but I want the comfort of my knitted sweater! Crushing on its beauty and versatility. It manages to keep you warm on the colder days of the year while it can also help you make a statement over a plain t-shirt on a crisp day of fall.

And to top it off: Fringe boots. But that’s another love story we’ll talk about on some other post..









Coat: ZARA

Boots: ZARA

Bag: Chloe

Shades: Asos

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