The Eternal Kid

She wants a Barbie and a big big house. He needs the PS4, Mindcraft has become too boring when played from his Ipad. It was easy shopping for our niece and nephew. You can foresee their glowing faces when the boxed happiness will be finally unwrapped.

But us adults, that’s a tough one. We always claim that we don’t want anything or that it is the gesture that truly matters, but deep inside the eternal kid is always hoping that that special person gets it right. Deciding what to get someone reveals a great deal of human truth in the process. How well do we know them? Do we pay attention? Do they even know what they want?  The answers are sometimes vague and as we shop, we are most likely left with another question: Can the gift be exchanged?

And that is why we love concepts like Wonder.Full that manage to solve the riddle by simply introducing a box. Wonder.full is a new concept initiated in Beirut that shapes the gifting experience. It consists of a box, that when unpacked, offers a catalogue with a wide range of experiences.  There are 4 main boxes: Adventure, Gourmet, Glamour and Harmony. The lucky receivers have one year to decide which activity from the catalogue they will chose. We were fortunate enough to receive the Glamour box. It has different activities from couture classes to personal training sessions. All that is left to do is choose, call the provider, book and indulge in the experience. It is wonder.full how in one box everyone’s inner child is bound to find their very own happiness.

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