Risking it being mispronounced, misspelled or misunderstood, we still named the blog Sunset de Amor. To remain true to ourselves, we decided it should have a Spanish word. If language is the road map of a culture, then Spanish is definitely a shortcut.  Even when you don’t speak it, you can feel it. And as poetical as the language can get, so does the fashion it creates. Most of our favorite bloggers are Spanish-speaking and their peculiar flair is contagious. Gala Gonzales from is one of them. She has managed to captivate us with her latest collaboration with Superga. We already love platform sneakers, but using typical Spanish embroidery as a variation from cork and plastic is just genius. Risking wearing it with a delicate skirt and oversized vest, because if you can feel it, it is probably right.1 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 11 12


Platforms: SupergaXGala

Skirt: Kenar

Top: Zara

Vest: Zara

Bag: Cambridge Satchel

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