Souvenirs to Bring Home

We take pictures when we travel. Incessantly. Like a reflex, our cameras start snapping every time we encounter that scenery or coffee shop. And when we are back home, longing for a place that fleetingly really felt like home, pictures seem to be the only way we can know that even though it seemed like a dream, it was all real. Continue reading “Souvenirs to Bring Home”

Ticking off Sunsets

If you google the top things you should do in a lifetime, watching the sunset in Oia- Santorini is always part of those lists. What they fail to mention is that if you do it while sharing your best friend’s wedding, you will be ticking more than one box.

Everyone has bucket lists.  Visit, eat, watch, travel, jump… Continue reading “Ticking off Sunsets”

Postcards from Barcelona

It has been a while but here we are! It is just incredible how easily days bundle up into weeks and we just find ourselves wanting to share but with no time to spare.  In a nutshell: October has been great and the cherry on top? Our escape to Barcelona! Is it the eternal blue sky, or the delicious ham? Seeing La Sagrada Familia’s change or watching your team play? Maybe the works of Gaudí or the craziness of Dali? It was not our first visit to the Catalonian capital but for some reason it always feels like it. Continue reading “Postcards from Barcelona”