Souvenirs to Bring Home

We take pictures when we travel. Incessantly. Like a reflex, our cameras start snapping every time we encounter that scenery or coffee shop. And when we are back home, longing for a place that fleetingly really felt like home, pictures seem to be the only way we can know that even though it seemed like a dream, it was all real.Pictures aside and forgetting key chains and mugs, the best kind of souvenir we always bring back is jewelry…jewelry that tickles the memory of how you ran into that shop, depicts the heroes and poets of the city or is simply inspired by an extraordinary myth that the sales person charmingly assured you it was real. Though at times it might be a tourist trap, you are magically in a receiving mode and the truth behind it is irrelevant because you just love how it looks and the uncertainty of the myth is the new story of your piece.

Here are some of our latest souvenirs from our trip to Santorini. What do you collect when you go around the globe?

1Alexander The Great, Silver with handmade intricate details

2First Hieroglyphic said to be a prayer to the God of Beauty

3Athena, Goddess of Wisdom, Silver Coin and  yellow gold.


6Alexander the Great, Silver.

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