Monte Cassino: A Getaway without Flying Away

Last Friday we were tourists in our own country. We were invited along with a group of bloggers to spend a night at Monte Cassino, a new 5 star boutique hotel located in Tabarja. Our suite had a striking Jacuzzi inside the room so you can imagine the rest! After falling in love with our room, we headed downstairs to the Tulip lounge to enjoy a lovely dinner. The luxury of the hotel extended to include not only the décor and feel but the flavorsome food and friendliness of staff. We then rushed to the rooftop where a magnificent view allowed us to enjoy the amazing choreographed fireworks signaling the beginning of Jounieh’s summer festival (You can check the video we posted on our Instagram ). Maybe it was the fact that we were the first people staying in the hotel, or the inviting pool with an impressive view or just the ability to have a perfect getaway without flying away. But everything fell perfectly into place and Monte Cassino succeeded in the one thing hotels should do best: create a memorable experience.

We are all in for travelling and discovering new places, but there’s no need to get on a plane to get away. Sometimes it’s a state of mind and all you need to do is get a fresh perspective of what you have around.

You can check their Facebook Page HERE for more info!

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