Ticking off Sunsets

If you google the top things you should do in a lifetime, watching the sunset in Oia- Santorini is always part of those lists. What they fail to mention is that if you do it while sharing your best friend’s wedding, you will be ticking more than one box.

Everyone has bucket lists.  Visit, eat, watch, travel, jump… They all start with verbs we can’t wait to bring into action.  Last week we climbed, marveled and for a while felt part of something larger. We fell in love with the island and its intense shades of blue, we grew closer to the friends we shared magical moments with but most importantly we re-examined our priorities and felt as we always feel after a remarkable trip: our bucket list will never be completely ticked. The more we experience the more we add to our dream list and the more we would like to see for ourselves that the world is round.

IMG_0018 Imerovigli Town

IMG_9357 Perissa Beach (Black sand)

IMG_9399 Perissa Beach Bar

IMG_9401 Church of Holy Cross-Perissa

IMG_9422 Fira Town

IMG_9432 Fira Town

IMG_9571 Sunset in Oia

IMG_9604 View from Oia Mansion

IMG_9665 Boat trip

IMG_9676 White Sand Beach

IMG_9771 Red Sand Beach

IMG_9906 Imerovigli Town

IMG_9910Until our next trip!

Photos by Ginan A.

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