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We cannot be who we are on social media, not completely. No matter how much someone keeps on insisting that they are their true self, deep down we all know that there is always something orchestrated. The light, the angle, the words, something subconsciously has been planned, and more often than not, a caption tries to erase all doubt by insisting that it was “spur of the moment”, and it succeeds at only confirming the contrary. And little by little, the world becomes comfortable with the distorted perspective on reality.From day one and to try to avoid living in a filtered bubble, we decided that in this space we will only talk about the things we truly love and own, even if that meant not posting daily and our lives and wardrobes would not seem like one long advertisement for a high-end lifestyle brand.

Among the first things we talked about here years ago were Superga and our love for sneakers. Few vicious circles are healthy, but when it involves cool rubber soled shoes I guess we are all safe. We have never publicly shared a video before. We are not completely camera shy as we have hours of trips and talks saved on our hard disks even before Snapchat was created but this one is not ephemeral material and is worth sharing for more than 24 hours.

We are happy that the first video we’ve decided to post pays tribute to the name of the blog

We are happy that the first video we’ve decided to post pays tribute to the name of the blog: so much of the things we love; coffee, sneakers, jewelry, Hamra and a sunset, always a sunset.Working on #SupergaEveryday was easy, for the obvious reason that we do wear Superga almost every day and the obvious choice of places that we do go to every day. You are going to watch a one-minute video that took one day to shoot and another to edit. We were obviously aware of the videographer (he is extremely sweet) and we did have a say on the takes that made it to the final cut.  It was planned but everything else came along just unselectively. What we were wearing, we do wear off camera. The laughs we were having, do happen quite as often, and the sunset is that attractive every day when you are paying attention. And Superga, well we lost count of how many pairs we own.

We hope you like it as much as we do, and we hope that today, despite a packed mentality of embracing what triggers likes and shares, you are able to stick to what you honestly love, social media aside, and you are able to find what you really like to do everyday, where you like to go everyday, what you like to eat, drink, wear, and hug everyday. It will simply make you look forward to every single day.

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