DIY Pompom sneakers

Our favorite season to undertake DIY projects is finally here! With the warm weather come the burst of colors and ideas. Today, a very simple DIY trick can transform your favorite sneakers into one of the latest coveted trends. Other than being super easy to do, this project is cool because the makeover can be temporary so you can remove it, interchange it with other colors, add more than one pompom, or just simply play with it as you please. Our darling Elsa from also had some major playtime and you definitely would want to check out her take on fashion’s favorite balls of fluff in her latest post HERE. And if you’re still feeling artsy, head over to our DIY section on the blog for more projects and crafts inspiration!


1- Make two donut shape cards using any cardboard. Trace something circular and cut out, then just cut a hole in the middle. Make sure the two discs are the same size.

2- Put the two discs together and make a small cut just like shown in the picture.

3- Start wrapping the yarn around the disc. The more you wrap, the fuller the pompom will be.

4- Take a pair of scissor and start cutting the yarn in between the cards

5- Tie a piece of yarn around the center in a knot

6- Trim your pompom so it starts taking a round and uniform shape

7- Add the safety pin to your pompom to then pin it to the lace of the sneakers and you are done!

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