DIY Beach Kimono

Art has always been associated with crafts. Working with your hands to create something is simply gratifying and to be able to wear or use your creation later on even more so. Ever since we started sharing DIY posts, we received a lot of positive feedback so we have decided to create a category exclusively for our DIY posts! (You can find it in our home page next to ABOUT US section) In that way and when your artsy mood kicks in, you can directly go back to all DIY tutorials.Today, we are happy to share our latest project in collaboration with Elsa O l’Accessoire. Kimonos! The beauty of this DIY is that you can simply choose whatever shirt you like, any length or design, and make it your newest kimono to pair with a crop top and shorts, bathing suit or whatever outfit you might have in mind. For more ideas, don’t forget to check Elsa’s DIY take on the Kimono.


1- Choose any colorful oversize shirt (Better if cotton or linen).   You can use any forgotten shirt in your closet. We bought this shirt from H&M MAN in sale and it was perfect. The colors and the texture called for a DIY project!

2- Remove the buttons of the shirt.

3- Cut the pom pom lace according to the size of the sleeve and start adding it to the sleeve with some pins. After that, you can start sewing. Do the same for the other sleeve, and then move to the borders of the shirt.

4- Use a yellow lace to cover the part of the buttons. Sew the pom poms onto the yellow lace and then onto the front of the shirt. We love the fact that the yellow pom poms contrast with the prints and colors of the shirt! It is cool and easy! Try it out!

001 DIY beach kimono 02 text

002 DIY beach kimono 02

003 DIY beach kimono 02

004 DIY beach kimono 02

005 DIY beach kimono 02

006 DIY beach kimono 02

007 DIY beach kimono 02

008 DIY beach kimono 02

009 DIY beach kimono 02

010 DIY beach kimono 02

011 DIY beach kimono 02

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