DIY Tassel Earrings

Tassels have always been up on our favorite accessory list, even before they were as popular as they are today. Back in the days when we were designing our own line that you can reminisce about HERE , we used love the colorful and flowy effect that tassels can instantly add to just about anything. Out there there’s a tassel in your preferred hue, size, and material and following this easy steps below will allow you to transform them into your summer’s go-to earrings. Let us know what you think while you also check latest post to see how she makes her tassel accent earrings! Stay tune for yet another DIY project coming your way in collab with Elsa O! Hint: Keep the pom-poms you didn’t use on last week’s project , you will need them!


1- Use a needle and a thread to insert the pom pom into the tassel end.

If your pom pom does not have a hole you can sew it to the end of the tassel.

2- Now that you have the tassels and the pom pom together, use a metal loop to add a crystal stone to it. Pliers are needed here to open and close the metal loops.

Note: Make sure the stone you are using has 2 holes.

3- Add the earring base with another metal loop into second hole of the crystal stone and your done to rock your new earrings!















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