DIY Miu Miu Flats

And we are back at it! This time we are showing you how to create the highly coveted ballerinas that Miu Miu launched this year. You sure can buy the original design, or Zara’s multiple replicas (we’ve bought a couple already) but once you start transforming things yourself you will realize that building something with your hands grants you a satisfying feeling a store-bought item won’t. Contrary to popular believe, DIY is not always about saving money. It is about the effort, the sense of completion and personal touch. And you can always tell someone after they’ve complimented it that you did it yourself! Continue reading “DIY Miu Miu Flats”

DIY Tassel Earrings

Tassels have always been up on our favorite accessory list, even before they were as popular as they are today. Back in the days when we were designing our own line that you can reminisce about HERE , we used love the colorful and flowy effect that tassels can instantly add to just about anything. Out there there’s a tassel in your preferred hue, size, and material and following this easy steps below will allow you to transform them into your summer’s go-to earrings. Continue reading “DIY Tassel Earrings”