Wild Birthday

Birthdays are the days when I guess most of us would remove people from our Facebook friends list, because as the notification of “It’s John Smith’s birthday today. Send him good thoughts!” pops up, we realize we don’t know who John is, we either genuinely forgot, vaguely remember or for whatever reason simply aim to undo the act of adding or accepting him as a friend. Yesterday’s birthday notification on people’s screens had my name on it and I was happy to find out that the awesome friends I care about took the time to write and wish me a great day. And for that I am thankful.And I did have a great day, primarily thanks to the countless positive vibes I received and my ultimate Facebook friend, my husband. I woke up to what I thought would be an ordinary Tuesday where my phone might ring a bit more than usual and slept with the realization that we can all go to Heaven, we just gotta drive there

Slept with the realization that we can all go to Heaven

I didn’t know where we were going. Packing for the unknown can be tricky but altogether exciting. After a 45-minute drive from Downtown Dubai, we arrived. It is amazing how fast you can go from looking at the tallest building in the world to not spotting a man-made structure at all. In the heart of the desert and wildlife, nestled in the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, there’s a place called Al Maha Resort and Spa. It is peaceful but the wildlife’s symphony makes sure the silence is not deafening. The staff is highly efficient but their friendliness is unrushed and you can be left to your thoughts without constantly being asked if you need anything at all. Oryx and gazelles are often seen as you swim in the infinity pool or taste their homemade desserts but you won’t be afraid, they don’t even seem to care that you are entering their space.

I hope you like the pictures I excitedly took with my phone and I hope you find the time to visit it some day. It is definitely worth the trip. Meanwhile, I will try to finish reading all my Facebook birthday messages today, why run the risk of becoming someone’s John Smith? 🙂

P.S: Probably the best massage I’ve ever had. Check their website to see all they have to offer HERE















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