Wild Birthday

Birthdays are the days when I guess most of us would remove people from our Facebook friends list, because as the notification of “It’s John Smith’s birthday today. Send him good thoughts!” pops up, we realize we don’t know who John is, we either genuinely forgot, vaguely remember or for whatever reason simply aim to undo the act of adding or accepting him as a friend. Yesterday’s birthday notification on people’s screens had my name on it and I was happy to find out that the awesome friends I care about took the time to write and wish me a great day. And for that I am thankful. Continue reading “Wild Birthday”

The Thread Top

A while ago we were introduced to Milia M and we couldn’t help but love their iconic thread top. The approach to wearing it is simple and just like Milia herself puts it: Just wear one item that feels like home and make sure your total look is tuned with the activity of the moment. We love the flow of the maxi skirt and the elegance of the top, both beautifully combined to create a dreamy yet confident look.

Top: Milia M

Skirt: Zara

Sandals: Zara

Headband: Zara

Make it Happen

They say actions speak louder than words but then again, without words we wouldn’t know that we have to take action. It is with this notion in mind that Roula Nahas created the dreamy line of paRs charms. It has been almost a year and we are still being infected by the immense enthusiasm and empowerment that a little charm can radiate. Last Saturday, we were treated to a beautiful brunch that reminded us that some words will benefit our journey in a little way while others might bring us closer to our own sense of purpose but the real magic will only unfold if we decide to Make it Happen!

You can check out paRs official page HERE

IMG_4581 IMG_4590