Wild Birthday

Birthdays are the days when I guess most of us would remove people from our Facebook friends list, because as the notification of “It’s John Smith’s birthday today. Send him good thoughts!” pops up, we realize we don’t know who John is, we either genuinely forgot, vaguely remember or for whatever reason simply aim to undo the act of adding or accepting him as a friend. Yesterday’s birthday notification on people’s screens had my name on it and I was happy to find out that the awesome friends I care about took the time to write and wish me a great day. And for that I am thankful. Continue reading “Wild Birthday”

Let the Lazy B!

A very generic summer dream: relaxing beach, striking sun, and a perfect tan. I am still working on the tan but I certainly did get the first two this past weekend!

The destination: Lazy B The intention: B Lazy

      Dress: Accessorize Beach

Sandals: Colors of California

Headband: G accessories

Shades: RayBan