Reviving Clothes

The first badge we remember wearing was that of our school uniform, royal blue SJT initials resting on an impeccable white background, complemented by three stars.Fast forward a couple of decades and we are back to wearing badges but this time with more colors, a dozen of stars and a tribute to another place that has taught us a lot, Beirut.

Customizing clothes has always been something we enjoy doing and iron badges make it a lot easier. You just have to pick any existing jeans, jacket or some piece in your wardrobe with revival potential and get to work!

Customizing clothes has always been something we enjoy doing

There’s a sign or symbol for all, designs that go with your personality, cartoons that tickle your fancy, or initials that you cherish. Whatever embellished detail you decide to use is bound to revive not only your clothes but also the memory behind your chosen badge work.











Pre-customized Jacket: Zara

Jeans: Zara

Bag: Skinnydip

Bracelets: H&M

Boots: Zara

Top: H&M

Photography: Youssef Doughan

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