Bejeweled Dali

Salvador Dali has produced so much in his life that even though we’ve been hearing and learning a lot about him since our childhood, we still manage to discover new things about his artistic and incredible diverse creations. It is quite hard to find someone who hasn’t heard about one of the major figures of Surrealism and it would be harder to find somebody who doesn’t marvel at this genius’s wits and more-than-often puzzled work. From his extensive repertoire, Dali’s Jewel Collection is our new favorite. A permanent exhibition at the Dali Theatre and Museum in Figueres, Spain shows a set of unique jewels made of gold, platinum, and precious stones among others. The precise drawings and detailed paintings that Dali made with the intent of creating such jewels is also displayed and clearly shows his artistic evolution throughout the years and the love he had for the eccentric and extravagant.

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