How to take care of your skin?

Remember the days back in school when your face always decided to host a myriad of pimples just before prom night or that school trip when all you wanted to do is look good. Well thankfully those days are long gone but still, we have times during the year where our faces don’t look the part and we ask ourselves: Is my skin that bad or is it something that I’m doing? Well, the truth is that a big chunk of what happens to your skin is genetics. Yes, it sounds a bit gloomy at first but it doesn’t really mean that you can’t do anything to treat it. Continue reading “How to take care of your skin?”

Pretty Little Surprise

When it comes to beauty products, we are constantly looking for the newest of the new, the best of the good, the hippest of the trend, or simply just what works for us, sometimes just to know more about it and more than often to try it and see if our search yielded our new favorite thing. So it feels really good when someone helps you do the homework. Last week we met up with the team behind a new concept in Lebanon, Pretty Little Box, and we instantly felt that the needed backup had just arrived. Continue reading “Pretty Little Surprise”

Make up for the No Make up

Most of our waking hours we are punching in at work, running errands, and trying to look good while at it. Though we love striking red lipstick and glowing dark eye shadows, the make up we use the most is simple and light. Here’s our top 3 favorites for this season:

Clinique Chubby Stick-Roomiest Rose: You get the color plus the moisturizing effect minus the need for sharpening.

Continue reading “Make up for the No Make up”

‘Tis the Season to be Shopping

There’s an art to Christmas shopping.  So many gifts in so little time need some sort of preparation and inspiration! So to make things easier, we wanted to share a list of beautiful things that we have tried or encountered online or in events for the past few months.  It ranges from distinctive jewelry to amazing beauty products, to cool accessories and home decoration.  It’s the thought that counts so make them beautiful ones!



(From left to Right) Uzbek Blue Embroidered Velvet BagMr. Naiman Necklace Blue Canvas Shoulder BagGas Bijoux Bracelet, Dina Khalife Earrings, Rubik’s Cube Ring“Waiting for” RingThe Alysha Nett Purple Pipers Shades



All Products available at ABC and selected Beauty shops.



Chloé ring, Lulu Guinness clutch, Key Chain, Nike Airmax, Lanvin Printed Iphone CaseSaint Laurent leather bracelet


Sandra Macaron Multipurpose Box, Pomme by Discipline from CorkPieces of Time by Discipline, Home Fragrance: Zara Home

Yellow Fellow

In a perfect world, we all would have a closet full of the latest trends in all plausible colors the fashion scene would allow. But then again, reality has its perks and looking for ways to style a single piece is sometimes half the fun! You might tend to shy away from bright colors because it might feel that they can only be worn once before it becomes too boring. Just have a look at these styles and see how easily yellow can become your fashion fellow!


Shorts: Zara

Tops: Zara, French Connection, Zara, INC

Shoes: Toms, Zara, Dolce Vita, Zara

Camouflage Art

The whole point of camouflage is to blend in with the environment. Be it the prey or the predator, a beneficial hiding is always the goal.  Australian artist, Emma Hack, takes this animal instinct and mystically adapts it by using human body painting and photography. From landscape to complex patterns, the background serves as the perfect environment to create mesmerizing visual illusions. She colorfully challenges you to find the person hiding and once you do, you cant help but smile at such a creative mind and wonder what if we humans could have such a powerful act.

If you happen to be in New York, her  work will be showcased at the Rebecca Hossack Gallery starting today till the 12th of March 2014.


Credit photos: