Bejeweled Dali

Salvador Dali has produced so much in his life that even though we’ve been hearing and learning a lot about him since our childhood, we still manage to discover new things about his artistic and incredible diverse creations. Continue reading “Bejeweled Dali”

Camouflage Art

The whole point of camouflage is to blend in with the environment. Be it the prey or the predator, a beneficial hiding is always the goal.  Australian artist, Emma Hack, takes this animal instinct and mystically adapts it by using human body painting and photography. From landscape to complex patterns, the background serves as the perfect environment to create mesmerizing visual illusions. She colorfully challenges you to find the person hiding and once you do, you cant help but smile at such a creative mind and wonder what if we humans could have such a powerful act.

If you happen to be in New York, her  work will be showcased at the Rebecca Hossack Gallery starting today till the 12th of March 2014.


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12 shoes for 12 lovers

Ever wonder what an ex thought about you? Well New York-based designer, Sebastian Errazuriz, certainly leaves no doubt by turning 12 former lovers, girlfriends and one-night stands into an illustrative striking project. Each shoe sculpture is accompanied by the story that inspired them and that the artist swears to be true. Besides the beauty and creativity of designs, Errazuriz certainly succeeds in captivating a universal truth: Love, Relationships and their inevitable memories.

You might want to check the stories behind each shoe HERE

Heart Breaker- Laura

The Virgin – Anna

The Boss- Rachel

Jetsetter – Jessica

Cry Baby – Alexandra

Gold Digger – Alison

GI Jane – Barbara

Hot Bitch- CarolineHoney- Natasha

The Ghost- Valentina

The Rock-Alice

Ice Queen- Sophie