Last Night in Beirut: Exclusive ReCollection milia m

The act of creation is the most important part of fashion yet we barely get to get a glimpse of all the work that happens before clothes reach the flawlessly perfumed shops. Yesterday night was different. We were lucky to discover the world of milia m. The little map we received together with the handwritten invitation set the tone for what ended up being a very inspiring night. Milia Maroun, the creator and designer behind miliam m, told us the story of her brand right from the place where it all began and still begins, collection after collection ever since the year 2000. The atelier invited us to discover prêt a porter designs, iconic pieces and bestseller items which carry hints of colors and dynamic flows reminding us that in the midst of the giant retail craze, some designs are still intended for use not consumption.


This coming 21st and 22nd of March, the Atelier will open its doors for the public so you can order your preferred milia m iconic pieces by customizing them with the fabric of your choice and you can also benefit from the massive discounts on milia’s previous and actual collections. For more info visit

milia m designs are available at their shop in Saifi Village des Arts, 1051, bloc D, .Lebanon.

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