Bag Discovery

Have you ever had enough of something without even owning it? It happens to us sometimes, seeing the same shoes or bags over and over again being worn by a complete stranger can drive you to think that you have it and that you would gladly give it a rest at the back, back of your closet. Instagram’s influx of photos does not really help. Seeing the big international brands everywhere and on everyone can sometimes be a put-off, considering the 4-digit price figures you have to pay, and the counterfeit wave that usually follows a successful bag model. And so we are enlightened when we come across new brands that are offering unpretentious designs complemented by great quality. Continue reading “Bag Discovery”

Confidence with a C

We live in a world of excess. The more the merrier. The more the prettier. Yet confidence, as important as we all know it is, always falls short on our priorities and barely makes it to the list of must-haves, resolutions or even wish lists.

And then you hope to come across the possibility of having something transformed into exactly what you want, so that you are not only buying the next best dress but also confidence, the kind of confidence you get by knowing that something was just perfectly made about you and for you. Atelier C by Cherine Khadra is that kind of place where clothes are customized to your like while taking into consideration your silhouette, your preferences but most importantly your personality. Last week, we had the chance to meet Cherine and discover how she manages to combine fine textiles, tailored cuts and classic designs to create unique pieces as timeless as confidence should be.


An artsy diet pepsi with Atelier C special design was also presented for the first time at the event.

Find out more about Atelier C by checking her Instagram account @AtelierC, and Facebook.

Everybody Loves Alex

Waking up to H&M’s latest collaboration with Alexander Wang definitely tops your favorite cup of coffee. At the very least, it will invigorate you and kick start your day! It was great to attend the preview of the American designer’s collaboration with H&M and get to see closely the athletic inspired collection that will definitely make you want to work out on the spot! It is cool, edgy and very well priced. The moment we’ve been all waiting for is finally here! The collection will officially hit stores tomorrow at 8 am in ABC Ashrafieh.





They say there is no harm in daydreaming, and then bagdreaming shouldn’t be a problem either. Our latest fantasy: Mansur Gavriel. Its clean lines, bright interiors and chic silhouette make it an absolute must have. Established in 2012 by Rachel Mansur and Floriana Gavriel, Mansur Gavriel’s warm natural leather bags have become a sensation that is almost sold out everywhere. Getting your hands on a  Mansur Gavriel isn’t easy but that’s the beauty of a dream, once you do, it feels magnificent! We were lucky to find our tote bag on before it sold out. But here’s some really exciting news: The label is launching e-commerce on its site early this summer! Eventually, dreams will come true!

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Last Night in Beirut: Exclusive ReCollection milia m

The act of creation is the most important part of fashion yet we barely get to get a glimpse of all the work that happens before clothes reach the flawlessly perfumed shops. Yesterday night was different. We were lucky to discover the world of milia m. The little map we received together with the handwritten invitation set the tone for what ended up being a very inspiring night. Milia Maroun, the creator and designer behind miliam m, told us the story of her brand right from the place where it all began and still begins, collection after collection ever since the year 2000. The atelier invited us to discover prêt a porter designs, iconic pieces and bestseller items which carry hints of colors and dynamic flows reminding us that in the midst of the giant retail craze, some designs are still intended for use not consumption.


This coming 21st and 22nd of March, the Atelier will open its doors for the public so you can order your preferred milia m iconic pieces by customizing them with the fabric of your choice and you can also benefit from the massive discounts on milia’s previous and actual collections. For more info visit

milia m designs are available at their shop in Saifi Village des Arts, 1051, bloc D, .Lebanon.

12 shoes for 12 lovers

Ever wonder what an ex thought about you? Well New York-based designer, Sebastian Errazuriz, certainly leaves no doubt by turning 12 former lovers, girlfriends and one-night stands into an illustrative striking project. Each shoe sculpture is accompanied by the story that inspired them and that the artist swears to be true. Besides the beauty and creativity of designs, Errazuriz certainly succeeds in captivating a universal truth: Love, Relationships and their inevitable memories.

You might want to check the stories behind each shoe HERE

Heart Breaker- Laura

The Virgin – Anna

The Boss- Rachel

Jetsetter – Jessica

Cry Baby – Alexandra

Gold Digger – Alison

GI Jane – Barbara

Hot Bitch- CarolineHoney- Natasha

The Ghost- Valentina

The Rock-Alice

Ice Queen- Sophie

Make it Happen

They say actions speak louder than words but then again, without words we wouldn’t know that we have to take action. It is with this notion in mind that Roula Nahas created the dreamy line of paRs charms. It has been almost a year and we are still being infected by the immense enthusiasm and empowerment that a little charm can radiate. Last Saturday, we were treated to a beautiful brunch that reminded us that some words will benefit our journey in a little way while others might bring us closer to our own sense of purpose but the real magic will only unfold if we decide to Make it Happen!

You can check out paRs official page HERE

IMG_4581 IMG_4590


DOPODOMANI! We love how it sounds and most importantly we love how it looks. Our latest crush is DOPODOMANI, a handmade accessory line created in Venezuelan workshops from the finest Italian materials. European Elegance meets the Flagrant Latin spirit! All accessories are handmade. The gold and silver threads combined with natural stones provide the product with a colorful magnetism that will make you want to have them before dopodomani i.e the day after tomorrow.

Photos by Dopodomani Official Facebook Page

A Card up my Sleeve

A card up my sleeve, literally! And not just any card but a Queen of Hearts. When creativity meets fashion and classicism gets a hint of futurism, you are bound to get great creations like the ones of Urania Gazelli. Urania Gazelli is the creative name chosen by the Greek designer Urania Giourmetaki for her bags label. She swears by plexiglass, the main material behind all her creations. The handcrafted clutch bags are made using fine materials that give it a playful and modern look but still manage to radiate luxury and elegance. The brand was founded in Spring 2010 and “Urania Gazellis AW 2012” was her debut collection but it has already captured the attention of many fashion celebrities (below is pic of Anna De Lo Russo Customized clutch). With a clutch like this, you are bound to have a winning outfit! Want to start playing cards? Check Urania Gazellis’s Facebook, Website, or instagram account @URANIAGAZELLI

bag 1