Discovering Chaumet

If we love jewelry with a story, you can imagine our sentiment towards a house that boasts more than two hundred and thirty five years of emperors, queens, popes, and tycoons, simply anybody who has ever been somebody. Great originality, opulence and beauty dominate each design. Every piece transmits the incredible amount of labor and detail that goes into it, and it manages to humble the spectator as it empowers the bearer. Continue reading “Discovering Chaumet”

Confidence with a C

We live in a world of excess. The more the merrier. The more the prettier. Yet confidence, as important as we all know it is, always falls short on our priorities and barely makes it to the list of must-haves, resolutions or even wish lists.

And then you hope to come across the possibility of having something transformed into exactly what you want, so that you are not only buying the next best dress but also confidence, the kind of confidence you get by knowing that something was just perfectly made about you and for you. Atelier C by Cherine Khadra is that kind of place where clothes are customized to your like while taking into consideration your silhouette, your preferences but most importantly your personality. Last week, we had the chance to meet Cherine and discover how she manages to combine fine textiles, tailored cuts and classic designs to create unique pieces as timeless as confidence should be.


An artsy diet pepsi with Atelier C special design was also presented for the first time at the event.

Find out more about Atelier C by checking her Instagram account @AtelierC, and Facebook.

The Agenda Beirut

Last month we attended two interesting workshops at The Agenda Beirut. When Tony Abou Ghazaly, founder of this boutique academy, first introduced us to the concept, we were thrilled with the idea!  It took us some time to choose among the variety of topics presented by experts in the field (Interior decoration, fashion, styling, luxury events planning, professional self-make up and many more). After giving it some thought, we enrolled in the Advance Image Consultancy workshop with the amazing Christiane Hajjar and The Luxury Fashion Events Planning with the sweetest Bouchra Boustany. It was a great month of interchanging ideas, sharing experiences, expanding our knowledge and most importantly meeting passionate people that share the same love. Thank you The Agenda Beirut!


To know more about the diverse course offerings and constant updates you can check their official website or follow them on Instagram @TheAgendaBeirut

Last Tuesday in Beirut: Launch of Samsung Curve UHD TV

You know you are not a technology savvy person when your top priority while buying any electronic is its color. All the cute matching accessories get you more excited than the device itself and the way it looks is more than often the determining factor. Guilty as charged. We do spend more time checking the fabric composition of a dress than the options of a potential new phone. But at times we do stand in awe and can’t help but wonder at the next best thing such as SAMSUNG CURVE UHD TV. Last week, we attended the Launch of Samsung’s newest breakthrough at the Riviera Hotel in Beirut. The new Curve UHD TV, as its name implies, is the first curve TV in the world with ultra-high definition. It does look as fancy as it sounds. We directly fell in love with its subtle curve and intensifying image, granting everyone watching the best spot. This time we really could go on and on about its enhanced options but we’d rather save you the amateurs’ enthusiasm and link you directly to the pros. LINK

Last Saturday in Beirut: Launch of Twelve Watch in Lebanon

Here’s the thing about football:  For those involved, no explanation is necessary. For those not involved, no explanation is possible. But let’s give it a try. Last saturday was Champion’s League Final, some sort of Paris-London-Milan-New York Fashion week all combined into one night.  Even though our FC Barcelona was not qualified, there’s always a pleasure in watching a good game. It’s just like window shopping, you know you are not taking anything home but can’t help but stare. Last Saturday, we had the pleasure to discover Twelv2, a series of 32 Swiss made watches, each representing a participating country in the Football World Cup. They come in two sizes and changeable straps. The name clearly says it: “Twelfth man” in a football game—the fans! You get the best of both worlds: A trendy time piece cheering to your favorite team. Chili’s bottomless tortilla chips and frozen margaritas set the perfect tone to literally look at the time while waiting for the game to begin.

Ours is a blurry line between football and fashion. That shiver down your spine when sale has just began, that pump of blood when your team scores, the outrage you feel when you didn’t find those shoes your size, the indignation that strikes you when your team has been disqualified…These emotions date back to our Venezuela days- playing en el patio, interested in chasing a ball, scoring a goal and celebrate it while wearing mom’s heels and playing dress up. It never gets old; there is only room for more.

You can find Twelv2 Watches in Virgin Megastore and selected Jewelry shops. For more info check their Facebook page  or Official website

Last Night in Beirut: Exclusive ReCollection milia m

The act of creation is the most important part of fashion yet we barely get to get a glimpse of all the work that happens before clothes reach the flawlessly perfumed shops. Yesterday night was different. We were lucky to discover the world of milia m. The little map we received together with the handwritten invitation set the tone for what ended up being a very inspiring night. Milia Maroun, the creator and designer behind miliam m, told us the story of her brand right from the place where it all began and still begins, collection after collection ever since the year 2000. The atelier invited us to discover prêt a porter designs, iconic pieces and bestseller items which carry hints of colors and dynamic flows reminding us that in the midst of the giant retail craze, some designs are still intended for use not consumption.


This coming 21st and 22nd of March, the Atelier will open its doors for the public so you can order your preferred milia m iconic pieces by customizing them with the fabric of your choice and you can also benefit from the massive discounts on milia’s previous and actual collections. For more info visit

milia m designs are available at their shop in Saifi Village des Arts, 1051, bloc D, .Lebanon.

Last Night in Beirut: La Rose de Sim Opening

Last night we were heading to Zalka-Beirut to presence what we already knew was going to be a great night for our friend Rajaa. It was the official opening of his shop: La Rose de Sim. It was his invitation to step into a time machine and go back to iconic times. Before even walking into the shop, you get a hint that the designs are inspired by the Lebanese tradition and heritage. There are a wide range of purses that come in all sizes and portray different attractive visuals. Just as the name of the brand, every creation has a story that is bound to touch your heart.

You can check more pictures of La Rose de Sim here on Facebook and on their Instagram @larosedesim.

Bridal Boutique Opening: Something Blue

From the moment we went up the stairs, we felt we were up to something new. We were heading to Something Blue. Yesterday afternoon, we were pleased to attend the opening of the newest bridal boutique in town. The contrast of its beautiful architectural heritage and the modern feel of the rooms definitely left an impression. The new boutique carries a collection of gowns by five different New York based designers amongst them Rafael Cenamo and Ann Barge. It also provides a range of delicate head pieces and bridal image consulting sessions as explained by Cynthia Nakhle, owner and creator of the boutique’s concept. While sipping champagne and eating macarons, we enjoyed knowing that a new store is now offering brides beautiful dresses at affordable ranges while most importantly wishing them lots of luck!

Chaoul Bldg, 2nd Floor Gouraud St, Gemayzeh-Beirut.

Last Night in Beirut: Exclusive BCBGMAXAZRIA Store Reopening

We have been pretty excited about BCBGMAXAZRIA revamping its Beirut store. After months of being closed for renovation, BCBG is back! And the wait was definitely worth it. Staying true to its name “Bon Chic Bon Genre”, BCBGMAXAZRIA ‘s renovated store has a very chic feel with a predominantly white color scheme that really serves as an ideal backdrop to the mostly black and bright colors of its new clothing line. It now looks way more spacious, elegant, and fresh. Aside from the gorgeous evening gowns and cocktail dresses that are particular of BCBG, a wide selection of striking eye-catching accessories can be found. As you can see from the pictures below, not only the store but the clothes’ selection has taken a whole new direction, one we are eager to follow!

Store Location: 2 Park Avenue, Beirut Central District-Lebanon