Last Tuesday in Beirut: Launch of Samsung Curve UHD TV

You know you are not a technology savvy person when your top priority while buying any electronic is its color. All the cute matching accessories get you more excited than the device itself and the way it looks is more than often the determining factor. Guilty as charged. We do spend more time checking the fabric composition of a dress than the options of a potential new phone. But at times we do stand in awe and can’t help but wonder at the next best thing such as SAMSUNG CURVE UHD TV. Last week, we attended the Launch of Samsung’s newest breakthrough at the Riviera Hotel in Beirut. The new Curve UHD TV, as its name implies, is the first curve TV in the world with ultra-high definition. It does look as fancy as it sounds. We directly fell in love with its subtle curve and intensifying image, granting everyone watching the best spot. This time we really could go on and on about its enhanced options but we’d rather save you the amateurs’ enthusiasm and link you directly to the pros. LINK

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