How to take care of your skin?

Remember the days back in school when your face always decided to host a myriad of pimples just before prom night or that school trip when all you wanted to do is look good. Well thankfully those days are long gone but still, we have times during the year where our faces don’t look the part and we ask ourselves: Is my skin that bad or is it something that I’m doing? Well, the truth is that a big chunk of what happens to your skin is genetics. Yes, it sounds a bit gloomy at first but it doesn’t really mean that you can’t do anything to treat it.

It’s been over a year that I have been attending Bioderma’s skin care academy and I can honestly say that my perspective on skin care has changed. I now take a more educated approach when dealing with my skin. I also learn that natural doesn’t necessarily mean best for your skin (home remedies don’t always work for everyone and even products that claim to be 100% natural can have adverse effects on the skin.) Dr. Sawsan Al Mulla and Bioderma’s amazing team have enlightened us on many skin issues but there are few things that keep on coming up regardless of the topic being discussed and I thought I will share!

First things First

If there is anything you need to remember regarding skin care routines is that you should have four main products and you should use them constantly.

clean clean clean

When was the last time you cleaned your brushes? We’ve always been told that the basis of the care of our skin is proper hygiene but it’s easy to slack in cleaning your brushes and sponges so get to it! Washing the face is not enough, you should use products that DO remove all the makeup without harming your skin.


The skin has memory so you might be doing things to your skin now that will pay you a visit later on. Taking care of it early on is vital to make sure you get the best version of yourself. There are many schools of thoughts regarding what really qualifies as skin aggravators but better be on the safe side and try to have a moderate lifestyle.

What products should you use?

With so many products out there it kind of gets overwhelming. I personally like to try different brands when it comes to toner and moisturizers but if I have to name two skincare products that I have been buying for the longest time it’s unquestionably Bioderma’s makeup remover and sunblock. I swear by them and I don’t think I’ll ever be ready to try something else.

Their texture is amazing and I never feel I have layers of product on my face. Currently trying out the Sebium range. Love the Mat control cream ( so far amazing as a make-up base) and washing gel. Fun fact I learned last month: All Bioderma products have no coloring agents. The blue color you see for example in the Sebuium wash is the copper found amongst its ingredients.

Bottom line

The solution is not simply a product but rather a lifestyle and teaching your skin to adapt to the environment you are exposed to. For me, it has been hydration though I keep forgetting to use moisturizer as often as I should and drink plenty of water. Because I have mixed skin I use to think moisturizers were not a must but oh was I wrong! Even if you don’t have any skin issues, it is always a good idea to visit a dermatologist and get an expert’s opinion on what your skin type is and create a routine around it. I also learned that getting a good skin is not a one-day job but like all things, it takes time!

2 thoughts on “How to take care of your skin?

  1. Great insight and awesome piece of work.Showing your amazing knowledge.Using old and dirty brushes is one that resonate with me, as I was slaving to a great lady and I discovered as we changed brushes regularly and using right technique to clean them, there was improvements


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