DIY Baby Chocolates

A new mini human recently joined the team, (if you’ve been following this space you probably read about it HERE) and his arrival prompted some welcoming treats. Of all the DIY projects we’ve shared here on the blog, this is by far our favorite and for obvious reasons. I had one thing clear: baby blue, bears, and crowns were not going to be part of it.

I had one thing clear: baby blue, bears, and crowns were not going to be part of it.

And when I went around to see what shops had to offer it was baby blue, bears, and crowns, so my next DIY was in process. An early obsession during my pregnancy was cacti. I love how independent and beautiful they are. Effortless. Sharp. Resilient.

I wanted something simple that would not crowd our Dubai apartment. Putting everything together was relatively easy given the fact that Zara Home’s collection at that time boasted with succulents so I got the tray and all the cacti décor from there. Finding small wooden cactus was a breeze, thank you Aliexpress! And the paper wrapping was a combination of Paperchase and Patchi.


For the souvenirs, I opted for something simple yet meaningful. Besides the fact that a colorful cactus looks good anywhere no matter your home décor or cutlery (Haven’t you got enough souvenir mugs and candles for a lifetime?), the chosen cacti had a special implication. They are carefully made by Enable, a social enterprise that empowers people with disabilities by empowering their abilities. It was really touching visiting their workplace and seeing how employees when taught certain skills to create something beautiful that grows, they grow into something beautiful as well. Proceeds are fueled back into the business and a percentage goes directly to the employees who are eventually encouraged to start their own retail units so they can achieve financial independence.

This DIY, unlike previous DIYs, might not have a step-by-step guide but we hope it serves as an inspiration when you are preparing something of the sorts. Think about making a difference and not only being different. Consider meaning not only aesthetics. Just create what makes you happy without considering trends or people’s opinions (not even your baby, he has no clue what’s happening!) It is always daunting to start a project you might think is big scale but if you break it down into parts it becomes doable and seeing how the little pieces come together is half the fun!



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