DIY Miu Miu Flats

And we are back at it! This time we are showing you how to create the highly coveted ballerinas that Miu Miu launched this year. You sure can buy the original design, or Zara’s multiple replicas (we’ve bought a couple already) but once you start transforming things yourself you will realize that building something with your hands grants you a satisfying feeling a store-bought item won’t. Contrary to popular believe, DIY is not always about saving money. It is about the effort, the sense of completion and personal touch. And you can always tell someone after they’ve complimented it that you did it yourself!

No DIY is complete without our darling Elsa O’Laccessoire. There’s some serious ballerina game going on right now on her blog and we think you should check it out!


1- Pick any simple ballerina you feel needs a make over. We found these during Zara’s latest sale.

2- Cut the ribbons to a length of approximately 130 cm each (Choose any color and pattern you want)

3- Glue the ribbons to the middle of the insole of the ballerina. Press tight and then leave to dry

4- Cut the leather ribbons into 2 parts each measuring approximately 8cm.

5- Get the drilling plier to make a hole 1.5cm from the start of the ribbon. Insert the metal buckle through the hole.

6- Fold the rest of the leather and make small hand stitches with a needle and a thread to finalize. Do the same for the other piece of leather.

7- Cut again 2 pieces of the ribbon leather, this time each measuring 11 cm

8- Make small marks every 1.5cm in each piece. Afterwards use the drilling plier to make a hole in each mark. This is where we place the snap buttons.

9- Place the buttons in the holes. To flatten the buttons you can use a hammer or like us get some help from your nearest cobbler.

10- Glue each leather ribbon to each side of the ballerina. Press tight and leave to dry.

11- Fasten it and you are ready to go!















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4 thoughts on “DIY Miu Miu Flats

  1. […] They remind me of the past when I used to create a lot of them that the house became full of pompoms and my mum used to become angry, stumbling over pompoms wherever she’d go. Couldn’t help it, it was my first DIY ever and I couldn’t get enough! Wasn’t it the best idea to create these pompoms with Sunset De Amor? […]


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