R I W A Y A , So far

While you read this, take a look at your hands for a second. Grab the earrings you are wearing or touch the necklace dangling from your neck. You are touching stories, stories only you can tell. It starts from the moment you buy or receive each piece and it never quite ends, because anecdotes and memories keep on adding up and shaping the tale as you wear it day after day.This exact notion combined with our passion for jewelry (we have been making it for over 9 years) and the stories we share here (when we travel and when we stay), gave way to R I W A Y A.

to name a thing is to acknowledge it’s existence, and we did a few months back: R I W A Y A

We wanted to put forward a concept we had been implementing on our own jewelry. To name a thing is to acknowledge it’s existence, and we did a few months back: R I W A Y A- Stories Worn. The brand showcases lasting pure silver and gold rings that can be worn everyday. Each piece carries a story only the person wearing it can truly tell but with every collection, a universal truth will be shared, so vast yet so particular and intimate to each one of us. It is a line intended to please people with an eye for quality and in the outlook for rings with a story.

This collection is dubbed The Modern Nomad. It pays tribute to the traveler in every one of us, living life without a fixed address, urging home to be everywhere.We have already posted some designs on our Instagram (@StoriesWorn) and are very thankful for the amazing feedback so far. To place an order or check out the designs you can directly send us a message on Instagram / Facebook or drop us a line at Riwaya@storiesworn.com. We deliver in Dubai and Beirut.

More designs including bracelets and necklaces will be shared soon on our page. Stay tuned!





10 thoughts on “R I W A Y A , So far

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