DIY 1st Tooth Celebration

If you think you are patient, have a child. A teething baby will make sure you rediscover what perseverance really is. I’m even starting to think that all the pain and crankiness involved might be the root of why some cultures around the world celebrate a baby’s first tooth. The moment I saw Carl’s first tooth pushing through his baby gum line I was both ecstatic (every parent celebrates their child’s milestone as if no one has ever achieved anything similar and family WhatsApp groups are flooded with photos and heart emogis) and relieved (it meant that his fussiness was more than justified and it wasn’t just a grumpy personality in the making!) Continue reading “DIY 1st Tooth Celebration”

R I W A Y A , So far

While you read this, take a look at your hands for a second. Grab the earrings you are wearing or touch the necklace dangling from your neck. You are touching stories, stories only you can tell. It starts from the moment you buy or receive each piece and it never quite ends, because anecdotes and memories keep on adding up and shaping the tale as you wear it day after day.This exact notion combined with our passion for jewelry (we have been making it for over 9 years) and the stories we share here (when we travel and when we stay), gave way to R I W A Y A. Continue reading “R I W A Y A , So far”

Colors of Love

“It’s your light bulb relationship. On. Off. L (Lebanon) is the one you break up with once, twice, three times. The one you say you’ll never go back to. The one with the irreconcilable differences…You’re not sure of the future, but you really want to stay. When people ask you why you’re still in it, you’re not really sure you have an answer. All you know is that when it’s good, it’s so damn great” 

This is Dyala Badran’s (It’s Deebatable blog) relationship with Lebanon. Spot-on. This is everyone-living-in-Lebanon kind of relationship. We’d love to hate it. We hate to Love it. But then we come across guys like DIHZAHYNERS, we light up a bit and say maybe we should try one last time.

They best describe themselves as a team of inspired, driven and passionate artists/designers, aimed at creating initiatives to make Beirut brighter and more beautiful, through color. You can see from the pictures below  that they have certainly succeeded in reshaping some neighborhoods in Beirut and hopefully uplifting the way people feel about their community. Love the initiative and really hope that this movement widely spreads over all of Lebanon and make us feel that there is still a chance for us to be colorfully happy with our first love.

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