Follow the Rules

Following rules is useful but following them blindly can actually lead to disaster, sometimes the fashion kind. There are some basic principles that stylists and fashion experts out there use to create the perfect look but it doesn’t necessarily mean that everything always works, and for everybody. So we say look at the mirror, then at your closet and set some rules to yourself. Make sure they are practical, sustainable and never eternal. Change them once every little while, and rediscover new trends and different options!

Let only the shoes and accessories speak, the rest will listen.

In this outfit I followed one of my basic rules: Let only the shoes and accessories speak, the rest will listen. I paired these happy pumps and edgy striped bag with blue and white basics, the perfect backdrop combo that allows accessories to shine. Less is more is not always the case but here I guess it does prove true. What are some of your rules?







Sunset.NineWest.12Photography: Souzana Baradie

Pants: Zara

Shirt: Zara

Shoes: Nine West

Bag: Nine West

Bracelets: Accessorize

Shades: Aldo

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