Moved by Clothes

Most of the time we spend in our outwear clothes, we are moving. Yet how beautiful are the moments when we stand still and they still move? Summer gentle winds are a plus but no need for a breeze when some items can be striking enough to move us in total stillness.A colorful scarf wrapped around your bag or a top with unpredicted cuts are few of the many items we can add to make an outfit unique.

Let’s pay attention to the details that are hard to grasp but easy to feel: how items really look without a filter, how comfortable clothes make us feel and simply how moved we are by just wearing them. Always remember that what’s not in a picture is as important as what’s in it.

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Top: Zara

Skirt: Zara

Bag: Coach

Scarf: SIN Sarakbi Nahas

Shoes: Adidas Pharrel Superstar

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