Undersharing my Wedding Day

It is kind of surreal how this wonderful event happened: me in his life, he in mine. It has been over a month since we tied the knot and besides these photos below, proof of my wedding doesn’t exist online.It is perhaps the fate of the people that share a lot of photos all the time to have to be more discreet to make up for all the other occasions when they are not.

Privacy has slipped woefully low in our hierarchy of cultural priorities. It has become an outdated concept reserved for the weird or high profile celebrities. It is still an option though, one that I embraced on this very special day.I should say it feels empowering to have a say on who sees the photos of the most intimate moments of your life. As bloggers, we post photos all the time but it is easy to see that the idea of sharing has been misunderstood somewhere along the way.

There are so many shoulds and musts in weddings that it is easy to feel odd when you just think differently. I can’t help but believe that if rules that apply to the criteria of the person you should marry were as religiously followed as the expected size of your dress, there would be happier people out there.

There is nothing wrong with sharing but likewise it shouldn’t be strange if you decide not to. I will email my most cherished photos to family and friends and that’s that.

Scroll, double tab, scroll. Mindlessly going through people’s lives. We do it everyday but during special life-changing moments I guess I will stick to the traditional way of flipping through your thick wedding album. And as I turn the last page, it just feels like visiting a museum, only at the end can you realize all the beauty you have contemplated.

Dress: Aidon Mattox

Shoes: Badgley Mischka

Headband: Beautifully hand crafted by mom ❤

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