Hanging Stories

How many times have you looked at those heels, that swimsuit or this other dress and got transported back to exactly that night where you danced without taking them off, or to that summer where you got the best tan you’ve ever had, or to that lunch where you first saw him?

Life is made up of moments. Some last for a split second and others a bit longer but we still remember them. And we remember them best by looking at the clothes and accessories that backed us up while those moments were happening.

Our closet has hanging stories and this season Oysho is part of them. We are having a great moment discovering the different lines that it has to offer and as we go, we are posting our favorite shots. We are happy to be part of Oysho’s international campaign #OyshoMoments so if you follow us on Instagram, checkout #OyshoMomentsSunset #OyshoMomentsLebanon and let us know what you think!

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