Storytelling is part of being human. You can’t really separate it. We are all telling stories, even when we think we are not. Wearing jewelry is one of the many ways. By now most of you know that a while back we embarked on a new project, a Silver and Gold jewelry line called R I W A Y A. If you’ve missed it, here’s a post that sums it up and you can follow the brand’s Instagram account @storiesworn for the latest updates. Continue reading “MZA’ART EXHIBITION”

Hermés Wanderland

Today was the opening of Hermés latest installation: Wanderland, a combination of the weird and wonderful, tangible and surreal, traditional and unexpected. Composed of 10 main rooms and situated at the heart of the Dubai fountain, Hermés exhibition is bound to leave you craving for more magic. Stepping inside this dreamlike world is guaranteed to make you wonder as you wander. Hope you have a chance to check it out and enjoy it as much as I did!

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Back to Beginnings

Over two years ago, the very first post we shared on the blog was about accessories, our very own accessories handcrafted with love, a pinch of color and lots of illusion. Numerous collections have been created year after year ever since the start in 2006 and everything seems different yet the same. While trends and materials might change, the passion and exhibitions are a constant. Continue reading “Back to Beginnings”

Camouflage Art

The whole point of camouflage is to blend in with the environment. Be it the prey or the predator, a beneficial hiding is always the goal.  Australian artist, Emma Hack, takes this animal instinct and mystically adapts it by using human body painting and photography. From landscape to complex patterns, the background serves as the perfect environment to create mesmerizing visual illusions. She colorfully challenges you to find the person hiding and once you do, you cant help but smile at such a creative mind and wonder what if we humans could have such a powerful act.

If you happen to be in New York, her  work will be showcased at the Rebecca Hossack Gallery starting today till the 12th of March 2014.


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12 shoes for 12 lovers

Ever wonder what an ex thought about you? Well New York-based designer, Sebastian Errazuriz, certainly leaves no doubt by turning 12 former lovers, girlfriends and one-night stands into an illustrative striking project. Each shoe sculpture is accompanied by the story that inspired them and that the artist swears to be true. Besides the beauty and creativity of designs, Errazuriz certainly succeeds in captivating a universal truth: Love, Relationships and their inevitable memories.

You might want to check the stories behind each shoe HERE

Heart Breaker- Laura

The Virgin – Anna

The Boss- Rachel

Jetsetter – Jessica

Cry Baby – Alexandra

Gold Digger – Alison

GI Jane – Barbara

Hot Bitch- CarolineHoney- Natasha

The Ghost- Valentina

The Rock-Alice

Ice Queen- Sophie

This is it

Here we are. After a long time of talking, dreaming and some more talking about opening a blog, here we are. Life gets busy and crazy and it’s so easy to get caught up on the little things. But today we finally start 🙂

We have decided our first post to be about something very dear to our hearts: G accessories.

We will not start bragging about it like proud parents do (for your own safety because we really won’t stop talking!) We will just tell you that we love it, and that we are passionate about it and that is why we love exhibitions like Afkart. In collaboration with Beirut Design week, Afkart is organizing in Beirut Souks an exhibition, from the 26th to 30th June, where people can have a look at the wonderful and unique creations of designers from across the Middle-East.

It’s a great way to meet up with friends, new people and get direct feedback of what we do. It starts tomorrow at 6PM! Here are some pics of exclusive items we will be displaying.

G accessories…we made it from scratch. Just like each necklace and charm bracelet is carefully put out together from bits and pieces, we aim to put  this blog together. Post by post, picture by picture, we hope to build something that will highlight the beauty of everything that comes our way, from people and places to fashion and events. Hope we get to see you often!

Salma & Ginan

P.S: regarding the blog, excuse any missing design, icons or the like. It’s like a new house. It needs a bit of paint here, some couches there, but you still love it because its home..