House of Rings

When the brain half rejects all the images going through your eyes but is still able to spot and engrave deep in your memory a ring worn by a random stranger as she walks past you in Starbucks, you know you have an obsession. It is a fixation to which you have dedicated yourself for so long, you no longer remember how it began. This unintentional drive to check out rings wherever and whenever possible usually leads to excess, the jewelry kind. We tend to stack accessories. They then get scratched, tangled or broken and if luckily none of these happen, we still forget to wear most of them because we simply can’t see them.

The box that will last several lifetimes

The quest for the perfect jewelry box is a continuous one. As we collect accessories, the need for more storage space increases. We keep on buying boxes and mimicking DIY videos to try and fit everything, until you come across the box that will last several lifetimes: Mckenna Leather Jewelry Armoire designed for Pottery Barn. It is lockable with multiple compartments to store rings, earrings, necklaces and just about everything. It has two travel cases and also comes in different colors and sizes.Perfect for all gold/silver jewelry.Check out all the options here and maybe you too can find the box that will save your accessories from scratches and oblivion.








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