Coloring Inside the Lines

Childhoods vary immensely. Different cultures, countries, parents, schools, but no matter where you grew up, at some point someone must’ve asked you to keep inside the lines. But where do our crayons and markers go? At what age do we stop coloring? The answer might be Never.

The trend of adult coloring books has been going on for some time now. Publishing houses are creating all sorts of thematic books from Game of Thrones sketches to surreal illustrations to forest and bird drawings; some are simple where others are way more intricate.

Nine of the 20 best selling books in are coloring books and now in each major bookstore you will find a dedicated section for a genre that few years back didn’t even exist.

Some illustrations are said to be stress relieving while others are just mind numbing. People are viewing it as a way to unplug and engage in some sort of brainless activity; simply an alternative to yoga or meditation. Others believe it encourages them to be creative and is easier than any other handcraft pursuit.

Maybe this craze is a reaction to our digital world and longing for pen and paper. Maybe it is just a way of feeling nostalgic for times where our biggest concern was not crossing a line. And maybe it is just a trend like vampires and air boards that will eventually wither away. But whatever it is, there’s no harm in trying. Below are some links where you can print free patterns and see if you can make your 7 year-old self proud.

Be a kid. At least for a little while.

Link 1 – Link 2 – Link 3

The coloured image is from The remaining books shown here you can find in Inokuniya-Dubai Mall

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