It exists

115 heavenly islands located in the Indian Ocean, where time appears to stand still and the color blue takes up new hues you were certain did not exist. The Seychelles. Just like pictures won’t give it justice, words will fall short. Can you really find a befitting description to a place where the lush tropical smell, nature’s buzzing sound, and the locals’ carefree spirit are the main components? Not really. But you can tell people that it exists.A distinctive combination of wild life and total serenity, exotic beaches and rainy afternoons, sheer luxury and humble beginnings… an unusual mix of French, British, African, and Indian culture. There are three main islands to visit each with its own charm and story and day trips to other uninhabited island are also available. You can cycle in car-free La Digue, rent a car in Mahé and swim in the world-class beaches of Praslin, all while thinking that at any given moment someone will appear behind the bushes shouting Cut! That was a great scene! The stuff of a movie.

Most photos taken with iPhone 6. More pics on Instagram @sunsetdeamor

DSC00027 DSC00029 DSC00086 DSC00172 DSC00197 DSC00214 DSC00270 DSC00277 DSC00282 DSC00312 IMG_7524


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