Storytelling is part of being human. You can’t really separate it. We are all telling stories, even when we think we are not. Wearing jewelry is one of the many ways. By now most of you know that a while back we embarked on a new project, a Silver and Gold jewelry line called R I W A Y A. If you’ve missed it, here’s a post that sums it up and you can follow the brand’s Instagram account @storiesworn for the latest updates. Continue reading “MZA’ART EXHIBITION”

New Everything

Leather is the new denim this season. Superga are the new converse. And Lebanese designers our new pride. Save closet space for the three and you are bound to always feel that you have a new everything.


Tshirt: Zara

Skirt: H&M

Shoes: Superga

Clutch: Poupee Couture

Bracelets: G Accessories