pOnching In this Season

Tribal prints are like the rain, they keep reappearing season after season only to make you realise how much you’ve missed them. When you are hung up on the coziness of your bed, what better way to transition into the outer world than by wearing an Aztec poncho? We love that besides keeping you effortlessly warm, it suits different styles. You can choose fitted shorts, skirts or trousers to balance out the silhouette or add a belt or hat to playfully accessorize! Continue reading “pOnching In this Season”

Musical Fitness

I agree that “Playing music is the brain’s equivalent of a full-body workout” but at the lack of any nourished talent and with my guitar delightfully gathering dust, I tend to stick to Intelligent Life, shopping, and sports. Continue reading “Musical Fitness”

No Resolutions

Tomorrow is the last day of this year. We’ve had our share of beautiful moments and some others that did not make it to our page of love, where we only talk about what heightens our spirits. For everything, we are thankful. We will not make resolutions. We have discovered that the best things we have accomplished, we didn’t even know we were accomplishing. We won’t set goals and judge our selves upon completion. The world is already busy doing that on our behalf. We will only hope that like this outfit, we get to experience a year of harmony between the good and the not so good that is prone to happen. The dark instants and the pink moments, we will embrace it all and make it look like it perfectly works. Happy New Year!

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Top: Zara

Skirt: Zara

Shoes: Michael Kors

Jacket: H&M

Hat: H&M

Bag: Mansur Gavriel