Liza on a Tray

Gaining appreciation for Lebanese food served outside home can be a very hard task, especially if your mom happens to be a great, if not the greatest, cook. So you know you are in an exceptional place when you find yourself eating Hindbé and Moutabbal and the only thing reminding you that you are not home is the restaurant’s beautiful arabesque modern design.We have been to Liza multiple times before but it was only yesterday that we got to eat right from a tray. Initially launched in Liza Paris, Lunch on a tray is a great concept that offers a fast and light meal with three different options to choose from: Vegetarian, Signature and Original. They are perfect for business meetings, lunch breaks and just about any quick tasty meal.

Liza Adress: Metropolitan club street doumani, trabaud, Achrafieh, Beirut.

Price range: 21,000LBP- 28,500LBP With the lovely Liza     

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