Is it in Lebanon?

Is it in Lebanon? That’s the question you get asked every time you share a picture of a green space or stunning scenery. Our skeptical selves are not to blame since day after day we are experiencing how our beautiful country ages, and unfortunately, not very gracefully. We are constantly witnessing how developers are threatening Beirut and other cities’ architectural heritage by replacing corners that hold so much history with modern skyscrapers. Unfortunately, we don’t feel there is much we can do but pay close attention to our surroundings and enjoy what now seems like an ephemeral place. Continue reading “Is it in Lebanon?”

Miss Bad Weather

Or Miss Bad… whatever it is you’ve got written on your sport sweater, it will add a bit of edge to your casual weekend outfit. Matchy leather details and messy hair styled by yesterday’s crazy wind!

Sweater: Noisy May

Leggings: BCBG Generation

Shoes: Nike

Shades: Rayban

Lipstick: Bourjois-Rouge Edition, Velvet 05

Blue Mirror

The army trend is over. Not too sad since I was never a lover. But this shirt has character, the splashes of blue and the golden embellished shoulder pads definitely raise its rank. My most used artillery these days? Blue mirror Raybans! Now this trend is everywhere but I am certainly not close to being over it.

Shirt: Zara

Shorts: BCBG Generation

Shoes: Zara

Shades: RayBan