Fashion Flashback

They say that one shouldn’t get distracted by the hype of fashion and the hundreds of looks offered every season. You should chose whatever you like the most and make it work! Well, it’s definitely easier said than done and there is always that space in the closet reserved for items with intact tags- those things you happen to buy on the spur of the moment after having read vogue or gone for a stress-relief shopping spree. But we honestly think that dungarees are not one of those items you only wear once. Their versatility is wide and with the bare midriff trend at its peak, we can now easily style this childhood staple. Fashion flashback at its best!

Dungarees: Asos


Shoes & Bag: Michael Kors

Bracelets: G Accessories & Too Late

New Everything

Leather is the new denim this season. Superga are the new converse. And Lebanese designers our new pride. Save closet space for the three and you are bound to always feel that you have a new everything.


Tshirt: Zara

Skirt: H&M

Shoes: Superga

Clutch: Poupee Couture

Bracelets: G Accessories



Words: we say them, hear them, write them, read them, and now even wear them! It goes without saying that words have power and combined with fashion we can sometimes get pretty impactful items. From funny t-shirts to empowering necklaces, we are constantly looking for items that literally say how we feel about just anything. They say a picture is worth a thousand words…well in this case, it is worth a thousand words and a bit more…

Bracelets: Mac Design ,, and gifts.

White Tshirt: Zara

Black Tshirt: Lefties

Bags: Sarah’s Bag

Necklace: paRs

Earrings: G accessories

This is it

Here we are. After a long time of talking, dreaming and some more talking about opening a blog, here we are. Life gets busy and crazy and it’s so easy to get caught up on the little things. But today we finally start 🙂

We have decided our first post to be about something very dear to our hearts: G accessories.

We will not start bragging about it like proud parents do (for your own safety because we really won’t stop talking!) We will just tell you that we love it, and that we are passionate about it and that is why we love exhibitions like Afkart. In collaboration with Beirut Design week, Afkart is organizing in Beirut Souks an exhibition, from the 26th to 30th June, where people can have a look at the wonderful and unique creations of designers from across the Middle-East.

It’s a great way to meet up with friends, new people and get direct feedback of what we do. It starts tomorrow at 6PM! Here are some pics of exclusive items we will be displaying.

G accessories…we made it from scratch. Just like each necklace and charm bracelet is carefully put out together from bits and pieces, we aim to put  this blog together. Post by post, picture by picture, we hope to build something that will highlight the beauty of everything that comes our way, from people and places to fashion and events. Hope we get to see you often!

Salma & Ginan

P.S: regarding the blog, excuse any missing design, icons or the like. It’s like a new house. It needs a bit of paint here, some couches there, but you still love it because its home..