Postcards from Barcelona

It has been a while but here we are! It is just incredible how easily days bundle up into weeks and we just find ourselves wanting to share but with no time to spare.  In a nutshell: October has been great and the cherry on top? Our escape to Barcelona! Is it the eternal blue sky, or the delicious ham? Seeing La Sagrada Familia’s change or watching your team play? Maybe the works of Gaudí or the craziness of Dali? It was not our first visit to the Catalonian capital but for some reason it always feels like it. Continue reading “Postcards from Barcelona”

Last Saturday in Beirut: Launch of Twelve Watch in Lebanon

Here’s the thing about football:  For those involved, no explanation is necessary. For those not involved, no explanation is possible. But let’s give it a try. Last saturday was Champion’s League Final, some sort of Paris-London-Milan-New York Fashion week all combined into one night.  Even though our FC Barcelona was not qualified, there’s always a pleasure in watching a good game. It’s just like window shopping, you know you are not taking anything home but can’t help but stare. Last Saturday, we had the pleasure to discover Twelv2, a series of 32 Swiss made watches, each representing a participating country in the Football World Cup. They come in two sizes and changeable straps. The name clearly says it: “Twelfth man” in a football game—the fans! You get the best of both worlds: A trendy time piece cheering to your favorite team. Chili’s bottomless tortilla chips and frozen margaritas set the perfect tone to literally look at the time while waiting for the game to begin.

Ours is a blurry line between football and fashion. That shiver down your spine when sale has just began, that pump of blood when your team scores, the outrage you feel when you didn’t find those shoes your size, the indignation that strikes you when your team has been disqualified…These emotions date back to our Venezuela days- playing en el patio, interested in chasing a ball, scoring a goal and celebrate it while wearing mom’s heels and playing dress up. It never gets old; there is only room for more.

You can find Twelv2 Watches in Virgin Megastore and selected Jewelry shops. For more info check their Facebook page  or Official website