Discovering Inspiration

Do we get inspired after a change or do we change because we get inspired?

The lines are blurred, at least for us, and as we are changing and getting inspired and then changing again we have decided to introduce a new category to the blog: DISCOVER. We intend to share anything from photos to mood boards to music to quotes. They might not always be our own creation but their distinctive grouping is, and that we hope inspires something new.

And while you are at it, change the road that takes you home, how much sugar you put in your coffee or the first few lines you read every morning. You are bound to discover something new.

Image Sources: Mann by Charles Freger

Army of Lovers

And the love for words prevails. You can see from the previous post that we have a thing for printed words but what’s really special about this tshirt is the beautiful array of flowers. When paired with yellow pants, it is definetely worth a shot during the golden hour. And an arm full of candy and we are good to win this war!

T-shirt: Zara

Pants: H&M

Flats: Melissa

Bracelets: G accessories