This is not yet another inspirational post about Beirut, there are a handful of those out there and we honestly think that loving the city you live in should not awaken pride or grant merit, it should simply be a duty.

loving the city you live in should not awaken pride or grant merit, it should simply be a duty.

Despite the everythings and nothings, it is home and parading its name around will always feel trendy. Pair anything with a midi black skirt and you will almost feel responsible for finding striking colored heels and that clutch that matches. Are you with me? Continue reading “YOU ME BEIRUT”

Light Jeans

The light-washed jeans trend is picking up just as the skies are getting brighter. Pair them with a blazer and a statement scarf for a chic touch and add a cool clutch that pops up and screams Colorful Beirut. Lazy days always call for comfy happy clothes..

  Jacket: H&M

Scarf: ZARA

Jeans: ZARA

Shoes: Converse

Shades: MIU MIU

    Clutch: La Rose de Sim

A Card up my Sleeve

A card up my sleeve, literally! And not just any card but a Queen of Hearts. When creativity meets fashion and classicism gets a hint of futurism, you are bound to get great creations like the ones of Urania Gazelli. Urania Gazelli is the creative name chosen by the Greek designer Urania Giourmetaki for her bags label. She swears by plexiglass, the main material behind all her creations. The handcrafted clutch bags are made using fine materials that give it a playful and modern look but still manage to radiate luxury and elegance. The brand was founded in Spring 2010 and “Urania Gazellis AW 2012” was her debut collection but it has already captured the attention of many fashion celebrities (below is pic of Anna De Lo Russo Customized clutch). With a clutch like this, you are bound to have a winning outfit! Want to start playing cards? Check Urania Gazellis’s Facebook, Website, or instagram account @URANIAGAZELLI

bag 1