Temporary Promises

For better or worse, the well of ambition never dries up. The feeling when you see something that is destined to be yours is as beautiful as the feeling when you finally have it. We declare that this is the most beautiful dress, ring, shoes or bag that we will ever own but then time, new seasons and gifted designers make sure we break our promise so hastily that we genuinely forget we made one. It happened when I saw this dress, these sandals and some of the jewelry that I am wearing. It always happens. Our scope broadens and we start to aspire for more beauty and stories waiting to be told. Sometimes we wonder if it will ever come to a halt, yet as long as the real promises made to the people we love remain untouched, we don’t mind it at all.

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Dress: Zara

Sandals: Zara

Shades: Ray Ban

Rings: Pandora, Maubossin, Own design

And it was all yellow

Longing for next summer when we’ve only said goodbye to this one. It happens to all of us, missing the moment while we’re in it. Yet we are taking solace in knowing that Autumn tends to be shy and we can still enjoy the beach hair, loose bright dresses and colorful jewelry, even if only for a few more weeks. All perfectly combines to create the bohemian flair that sings along I drew a line, I drew a line for you,Oh what a thing to do,And it was all yellow. (video)

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Dress: Zara

Sandals: Mango

Necklaces: H&M and Forever21

Clutch: Marc by Marc Jacobs

Souvenirs to Bring Home

We take pictures when we travel. Incessantly. Like a reflex, our cameras start snapping every time we encounter that scenery or coffee shop. And when we are back home, longing for a place that fleetingly really felt like home, pictures seem to be the only way we can know that even though it seemed like a dream, it was all real.

Pictures aside and forgetting key chains and mugs, the best kind of souvenir we always bring back is jewelry…jewelry that tickles the memory of how you ran into that shop, depicts the heroes and poets of the city or is simply inspired by an extraordinary myth that the sales person charmingly assured you it was real. Though at times it might be a tourist trap, you are magically in a receiving mode and the truth behind it is irrelevant because you just love how it looks and the uncertainty of the myth is the new story of your piece.

Here are some of our latest souvenirs from our trip to Santorini. What do you collect when you go around the globe?

1Alexander The Great, Silver with handmade intricate details

2First Hieroglyphic said to be a prayer to the God of Beauty

3Athena, Goddess of Wisdom, Silver Coin and  yellow gold.


6Alexander the Great, Silver.

Summer Blackout

When you think summer, endless images of flower prints and bright tones come to mind. Among the array of happy wardrobe thoughts, the color black is rarely one of them. Though a classic, black is not a conscious choice, it does absorb the heat after all. Yet for its slimming reasons, retail accessibility or maybe simple fashion adoration, black always manages to extend into summer months and when it does, it just makes sense: no matter what month we are in, black over rules them all.









Dress: Maje

Sandals: Steve Madden

Bag: Coach

Shades: Rayban Liteforce

Ticking off Sunsets

If you google the top things you should do in a lifetime, watching the sunset in Oia- Santorini is always part of those lists. What they fail to mention is that if you do it while sharing your best friend’s wedding, you will be ticking more than one box.

Everyone has bucket lists.  Visit, eat, watch, travel, jump… They all start with verbs we can’t wait to bring into action.  Last week we climbed, marveled and for a while felt part of something larger. We fell in love with the island and its intense shades of blue, we grew closer to the friends we shared magical moments with but most importantly we re-examined our priorities and felt as we always feel after a remarkable trip: our bucket list will never be completely ticked. The more we experience the more we add to our dream list and the more we would like to see for ourselves that the world is round.

IMG_0018 Imerovigli Town

IMG_9357 Perissa Beach (Black sand)

IMG_9399 Perissa Beach Bar

IMG_9401 Church of Holy Cross-Perissa

IMG_9422 Fira Town

IMG_9432 Fira Town

IMG_9571 Sunset in Oia

IMG_9604 View from Oia Mansion

IMG_9665 Boat trip

IMG_9676 White Sand Beach

IMG_9771 Red Sand Beach

IMG_9906 Imerovigli Town

IMG_9910Until our next trip!

Photos by Ginan A.

Back to Beginnings

Over two years ago, the very first post we shared on the blog was about accessories, our very own accessories handcrafted with love, a pinch of color and lots of illusion. Numerous collections have been created year after year ever since the start in 2006 and everything seems different yet the same. While trends and materials might change, the passion and exhibitions are a constant. Sharing with people the outcome of  the creative process that can start at Younes Hamra coffee shop and end somewhere in Spain is always the best part. Join us at the Mzaar exhibition that starts tomorrow until the 16th from 12 to 9 pm where you will be able to enjoy a cool breeze while discovering our latest designs! See you there!

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Moved by Clothes

Most of the time we spend in our outwear clothes, we are moving. Yet how beautiful are the moments when we stand still and they still move? Summer gentle winds are a plus but no need for a breeze when some items can be striking enough to move us in total stillness.A colorful scarf wrapped around your bag or a top with unpredicted cuts are few of the many items we can add to make an outfit unique.

Let’s pay attention to the details that are hard to grasp but easy to feel: how items really look without a filter, how comfortable clothes make us feel and simply how moved we are by just wearing them. Always remember that what’s not in a picture is as important as what’s in it.

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Top: Zara

Skirt: Zara

Bag: Coach

Scarf: SIN Sarakbi Nahas

Shoes: Adidas Pharrel Superstar

Once upon a Summer

Once upon a time, heels were the frontrunners of every outing outside the gym. Then, Isabel Marant, Toms and Birks started to create a trend that made flat happy endings possible. Shoes are the indicators of where fashion is and where it intends to go, and comfy espadrilles confirm that the destination is pure relaxation and glow. The living is definitely easy in loose shapes and romantic embroideries. With white being a constant that adapts to all colors,  all that is left to do is unwind and enjoy!











Top: Zara

Shorts: Oysho

Espadrilles: Oysho

Clutch: Oysho

Hat: Gift from Panama


Risking it being mispronounced, misspelled or misunderstood, we still named the blog Sunset de Amor. To remain true to ourselves, we decided it should have a Spanish word. If language is the road map of a culture, then Spanish is definitely a shortcut.  Even when you don’t speak it, you can feel it. And as poetical as the language can get, so does the fashion it creates. Most of our favorite bloggers are Spanish-speaking and their peculiar flair is contagious. Gala Gonzales from Amlul.com is one of them. She has managed to captivate us with her latest collaboration with Superga. We already love platform sneakers, but using typical Spanish embroidery as a variation from cork and plastic is just genius. Risking wearing it with a delicate skirt and oversized vest, because if you can feel it, it is probably right.1 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 11 12


Platforms: SupergaXGala

Skirt: Kenar

Top: Zara

Vest: Zara

Bag: Cambridge Satchel

Musical Fitness

I agree that “Playing music is the brain’s equivalent of a full-body workout” but at the lack of any nourished talent and with my guitar delightfully gathering dust, I tend to stick to Intelligent Life, shopping, and sports. Intelligent life is only a bi-monthly publication and shopping is directly linked to your bank account, so I am left with Sports, the only weekly activity that will not leave you craving for more or totally broke. Genetics and food play major roles, but working out is definitely important. It’s been a while since I came close to a gym, but Mondays and having new fitness clothes make you want to go back to work!

  Top: Reebok

Leggings: Oysho

Shoes: Nike

Shades: Diesel