Everybody Loves Alex

Waking up to H&M’s latest collaboration with Alexander Wang definitely tops your favorite cup of coffee. At the very least, it will invigorate you and kick start your day! It was great to attend the preview of the American designer’s collaboration with H&M and get to see closely the athletic inspired collection that will definitely make you want to work out on the spot! It is cool, edgy and very well priced. The moment we’ve been all waiting for is finally here! The collection will officially hit stores tomorrow at 8 am in ABC Ashrafieh.




Bejeweled Dali

Salvador Dali has produced so much in his life that even though we’ve been hearing and learning a lot about him since our childhood, we still manage to discover new things about his artistic and incredible diverse creations. It is quite hard to find someone who hasn’t heard about one of the major figures of Surrealism and it would be harder to find somebody who doesn’t marvel at this genius’s wits and more-than-often puzzled work. From his extensive repertoire, Dali’s Jewel Collection is our new favourite. A permanent exhibition at the Dali Theatre and Museum in Figueres, Spain shows a set of unique jewels made of gold, platinum, and precious stones among others. The precise drawings and detailed paintings that Dali made with the intent of creating such jewels are also display and clearly show his artistic evolution throughout the years and the love he had for the eccentric and extravagant.

Postcards from Barcelona

It has been a while but here we are! It is just incredible how easily days bundle up into weeks and we just find ourselves wanting to share but with no time to spare.  In a nutshell: October has been great and the cherry on top? Our escape to Barcelona! Is it the eternal blue sky, or the delicious ham? Seeing La Sagrada Familia’s change or watching your team play? Maybe the works of Gaudí or the craziness of Dali? It was not our first visit to the Catalonian capital but for some reason it always feels like it. Here’s to expanding one’s horizons, to getting lost in the unknown, to laughing until your belly hurts, to sharing hotel rooms with your loved ones, to eating while enjoying new sceneries, to screaming at the top of your lungs when your FC Barcelona scores even if you won’t hear your own voice, to taking hundreds of photos and videos because you want to live that exact moment all over again. But most importantly, here’s to travelling and the dire need of doing so, not to escape life but for life not to escape us!

1 IMG_8514 IMG_8539 IMG_8566 IMG_8572 IMG_8665 IMG_8694 IMG_8872 IMG_8875 IMG_9000 IMG_9233 IMG_9377

One reason to Fall

Layering is one of the few reasons we have to happily welcome Fall. And since it seems hard to let go of summer shorts and their careless flair, we can gradually settle into the new season by adding a blazer jacket. Think Autumn hues for a striking contrast!

7 8

Top: Theory

Shorts: French Connection

Belt: Marc Jacobs

Jacket: PJK

Pumps: BCBG Generation

Bag: Lollipops

The Junk Gem

As the saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure and Junkyard surely puts this into perspective. Junkyard is Beirut’s latest Junkyard. It is quite difficult to come up with a definition since it is the first place of its kind. It serves food, so it qualifies as a restaurant. It has three bars, so you can call it a pub. It has street art and graffiti so it can be an exhibition. And you do feel super laid back, so it might as well be your backyard. There’s a beauty in giving things a second chance in life and seeing how wittily second chances are given at Junkyard will definitely make you smile.

It is a pop up concept so make sure you visit before it starts raining and the junk goes back inside to be interestingly recycled for the next time!

Life is a Joke

We are over a month away from November and we are already paying tribute to the moustache that appears during that month to raise awareness of men’s health issues. And what better way than by choosing our latest crush: ELEVENPARIS. This French brand is known for its photo printed t-shirts which have gain huge popularity due to their comedic value and the famous faces used. With its slogan “Life is a joke” you are bound to find humor in their hipster designs, minimalist spirit, and music references. Need another reason to smile? It is opening soon in Beirut!


Skirt: Zara

Clutch: Whistles

Shoes: Dolce Vita

Bracelet: GAS Bijoux

Walking on Air

We were born to the idea that heels are not a pair of sneakers or slippers and never will be. Despite the pain, we crave them and wear them. But what if aesthetics and comfort could be combined? This is what Silvia Fado had in mind while creating her latest conceptual solution: Kinetic Traces. By working with an architect, a photographer and an engineer, Silvia was able to further understand the process of human motion and combine mechanical methods (not typically used in fashion) that help absorb impact. Currently, the models are art pieces showcased to highlight the possibility that comfort can be highly attained but a new commercial collection with similar aesthetics is said to be launched during this month. We’ll just have to wait and see if we could really walk on air!

Photo Credit: www.silviafado.com

Yellow Fellow

In a perfect world, we all would have a closet full of the latest trends in all plausible colors the fashion scene would allow. But then again, reality has its perks and looking for ways to style a single piece is sometimes half the fun! You might tend to shy away from bright colors because it might feel that they can only be worn once before it becomes too boring. Just have a look at these styles and see how easily yellow can become your fashion fellow!


Shorts: Zara

Tops: Zara, French Connection, Zara, INC

Shoes: Toms, Zara, Dolce Vita, Zara

Blocking It

The beauty of color blocking lies in its surprise effect. At first, it might seem odd to pair an orange skirt with an electric blue top but once you see it, everything makes perfect sense! You can also let the bold accessories and shoes do the talking!

Top: American Eagle

Shirt: Zara

Shorts: Zara

Shoes: Superga x Versus Versace

Bag: Balenciaga

Bracelets: Bimba y Lola, #livelovebeirut, Hermes, Pandora


Collaboration with Esposa Group

It’s the season! Bachelorettes, pre-wedding dinners, crammed hair-and-makeup appointments, not to mention the now famous destination weddings! No matter how many you attend, the first question your colleagues and friends always manage to ask is: How did the bride look? What about her dress? The trends come and go but one thing that is as important as it has always been is the bride’s dress. And the efforts to find the perfect one start almost a year ahead!

We are always excited by the countless possibilities of every day wear but let’s face it, a wedding day is one of the big days so when ESPOSA approached us to feature our favorite looks we were thrilled! We directly fell in love with the beautiful array of luxury designer dresses like Carolina Herrera, Rosa Clara, Lazaro, Marchesa, Monique Lhuillier, to name a few.

Even for those who are not fashion addicts, choosing a dress for that day will make you one! They say the bride directly knows when she finds the perfect dress. Well, we think that the wide range of beautiful gowns available at ESPOSA will make it a bit harder!

IMG_7531 IMG_7539

Lazaro DressIMG_7555 IMG_7561 IMG_7570

Carolina Herrera DressIMG_7642

Marchesa Dress

Marchesa Dress IMG_7778  Continue reading