Reviving Clothes

The first badge we remember wearing was that of our school uniform, royal blue SJT initials resting on an impeccable white background, complemented by three stars. Fast forward a couple of decades and we are back to wearing badges but this time with more colors, a dozen of stars and a tribute to another place that has taught us a lot, Beirut.

Customizing clothes has always been something we enjoy doing and iron badges make it a lot easier. You just have to pick any existing jeans, jacket or some piece in your wardrobe with revival potential and get to work!

There’s a sign or symbol for all, designs that go with your personality, cartoons that tickle your fancy, or initials that you cherish. Whatever embellished detail you decide to use is bound to revive not only your clothes but also the memory behind your chosen badge work.











Pre-customized Jacket: Zara

Jeans: Zara

Bag: Skinnydip

Bracelets: H&M

Boots: Zara

Top: H&M

Photography: Youssef Doughan

The girl in the Bandana

Everyone has one, two or few pieces, carefully stacked in their closet, that have been worn decades ago and will probably be worn again. If you do, your fashion life has been well lived! When the virtuous circle grants us the opportunity to celebrate classic items like the traditional paisley-patterned bandana, we rejoice at the possibility of wearing a long lost item and probably correcting any fashion decision we might have done in the past using all the inspiration we have gathered since then.

Our favorite is the red one, with its striking effect and matching potential but the below photos makes us want to try them all. Which one is you?

1Me :)

2 Rihanna

3 Chiarra Ferragni from The Blonde Salad

4 Cara De Lavigne

6 Leandra Medine from Man Repeller

7 Julie Sarinana from Sincerely Jules

9 Souzana Baradie from BubbleGumFashionFace

10Chiarra Ferragni from The Blonde Salad

Hermés Wanderland

Today was the opening of Hermés latest installation: Wanderland, a combination of the weird and wonderful, tangible and surreal, traditional and unexpected. Composed of 10 main rooms and situated at the heart of the Dubai fountain, Hermés exhibition is bound to leave you craving for more magic. Stepping inside this dreamlike world is guaranteed to make you wonder as you wander. Hope you have a chance to check it out and enjoy it as much as I did!

From 22 January to 7 February 2016- Daily from 12pm to 12 am at  The Dubai Fountain-Downtown Dubai.

Won’t be around Dubai around these times? you can take a virtual tour by checking Snap: Salmaarigie :)

Coloring Inside the Lines

Childhoods vary immensely. Different cultures, countries, parents, schools, but no matter where you grew up, at some point someone must’ve asked you to keep inside the lines. But where do our crayons and markers go? At what age do we stop coloring? The answer might be Never.

The trend of adult coloring books has been going on for some time now. Publishing houses are creating all sorts of thematic books from Game of Thrones sketches to surreal illustrations to forest and bird drawings; some are simple where others are way more intricate.

Nine of the 20 best selling books in are coloring books and now in each major bookstore you will find a dedicated section for a genre that few years back didn’t even exist.

Some illustrations are said to be stress relieving while others are just mind numbing. People are viewing it as a way to unplug and engage in some sort of brainless activity; simply an alternative to yoga or meditation. Others believe it encourages them to be creative and is easier than any other handcraft pursuit.

Maybe this craze is a reaction to our digital world and longing for pen and paper. Maybe it is just a way of feeling nostalgic for times where our biggest concern was not crossing a line. And maybe it is just a trend like vampires and air boards that will eventually wither away. But whatever it is, there’s no harm in trying. Below are some links where you can print free patterns and see if you can make your 7 year-old self proud.

Be a kid. At least for a little while.

Link 1 – Link 2 – Link 3

The coloured image is from The remaining books shown here you can find in Inokuniya-Dubai Mall

Make up for the No Make up

Most of our waking hours we are punching in at work, running errands, and trying to look good while at it. Though we love striking red lipstick and glowing dark eye shadows, the make up we use the most is simple and light. Here’s our top 3 favorites for this season:

Clinique Chubby Stick-Roomiest Rose: You get the color plus the moisturizing effect minus the need for sharpening.

Urban Decay’s Naked 2 Basics Palette: You get 6 natural shades plus a long lasting effect minus portability constraint.

Urban Decay’s 24/7 Glide on eye pencil: You get the creamy sensation plus a pitch-black effect minus the undesired smudging.

What are your make-up basics?






It Can Always be New Year’s

It’s 2016 and so much has already changed. It’s not even mid-January and we grieved, celebrated and grieved again. The Man Who Sold The World left it at 69, DiCaprio won a Golden Globe making the Oscar feel so close while Messi picked up his fifth Ballon d’Or, untouchably changing history once more. On a smaller scale that does not include legends or gold but highly affects our day to day, Netflix was legally welcomed in our homes but with limited access that might ruin it for all. And the list of the trivial and the profound could be longer if we include the resolutions that everyone saves for the biggest Monday of them all, January.

Hit the gym, eat less of this, do more of that, try and start and quit, and the numerous list goes on, outnumbered only by the excuses we later give to justify the completion of none.

It happens and when it does happen again and you find yourself where you started, just start again. Fabricate your own New Year’s but this time try to do something different. Take a glimpse at what no mirror can reflect; you might find that more work needs to be done. Embrace enoughness as you keep on searching for more; when getting somewhere is uncertain the least you could do is enjoy where you are, until you get there. Show up; whatever drives you just give it a chance and start. To know if you are going to be a good dancer, you have to start dancing. To know what story you can tell, you got to start writing,

Just make sure that your determination stems from your very own desire to fill the gap between who you are and want to be, because even if you end up winning an Oscar it is pointless if acting was never your dream.


The Eternal Kid

She wants a Barbie and a big big house. He needs the PS4, Mindcraft has become too boring when played from his Ipad. It was easy shopping for our niece and nephew. You can foresee their glowing faces when the boxed happiness will be finally unwrapped.

But us adults, that’s a tough one. We always claim that we don’t want anything or that it is the gesture that truly matters, but deep inside the eternal kid is always hoping that that special person gets it right. Deciding what to get someone reveals a great deal of human truth in the process. How well do we know them? Do we pay attention? Do they even know what they want?  The answers are sometimes vague and as we shop, we are most likely left with another question: Can the gift be exchanged?

And that is why we love concepts like Wonder.Full that manage to solve the riddle by simply introducing a box. Wonder.full is a new concept initiated in Beirut that shapes the gifting experience. It consists of a box, that when unpacked, offers a catalogue with a wide range of experiences.  There are 4 main boxes: Adventure, Gourmet, Glamour and Harmony. The lucky receivers have one year to decide which activity from the catalogue they will chose. We were fortunate enough to receive the Glamour box. It has different activities from couture classes to personal training sessions. All that is left to do is choose, call the provider, book and indulge in the experience. It is wonder.full how in one box everyone’s inner child is bound to find their very own happiness.

Want to know more? Check

IMG_4981 IMG_4980 IMG_4977 IMG_4975 IMG_4970 IMG_4966 IMG_4956

Hybrid Coat

The sad fate of trends is that they come and go. Sometimes that particular hue we see all season can smoothly disappear the next. Some trends are recycled, adjusted or simply reintroduced to the market, a vicious circle we are pleased to reinforce. But what we appreciate dearly are hybrids, the mixture of two or more seemingly different items to create a new something. Their functional or aesthetic aspects are effortlessly merged in such a way that you have to stare a while before realising what is going on.

Latest favorite hybrid: this knitted coat. It happens to be the solution to every girl’s shared dilemma: I love this coat but I want the comfort of my knitted sweater! Crushing on its beauty and versatility. It manages to keep you warm on the colder days of the year while it can also help you make a statement over a plain t-shirt on a crisp day of fall.

And to top it off: Fringe boots. But that’s another love story we’ll talk about on some other post..









Coat: ZARA

Boots: ZARA

Bag: Chloe

Shades: Asos

Buying Legends

There is something about taking the biggest of anything, making it small and carrying it around to talk about how big in real life it actually is. The tallest tower or the largest bridge scaled to a magnet or key chain in the quest of validating our travels and our privilege of seeing the only, the best of all.

Pictures and stories never seem to be enough without tangible evidence that we have been somewhere, somewhere truly amazing worth touching when memories dictate.

Last month, Seychelles happened to be that somewhere as we shared in a previous post here on the blog. I encountered the biggest nut in the world, the largest seed in the plant kingdom found only in Seychelles. It has been called the sea coconut, love nut, coco de mer and the list goes on. The fruit has unusual qualities besides it’s obvious erotic shape: requires 6 to 7 years to mature, weighs 15 to 30 Kg and its life span is unknown, some say 500 years or more.

It has become the national symbol. My passport now bears its image after being stamped at the airport and you can see its silhouette proudly featured everywhere. It has been sadly rated an endangered species and now the government claims ownership of all the nuts growing in Seychelles, even if they do in private property. You can even go to jail if you try to smuggle it out of the country. I opted for freedom and a beautiful silver ring crafted by locals that portrays its exact texture and three-dimensional appearance.

But what really fascinated me about it are the several legends it carries. It was once believed to grow on trees beneath the waves of the Indian Ocean and hold great healing powers. Even after it was discovered that no such trees existed but that currents were dragging it to distant shores where the tree was unknown, new stories kept on emerging. Locals like to believe that during stormy nights the male trees tear themselves from the ground and embrace the females. Their great love gives birth to such a peculiar seed. It is also believed that if anyone sees them during the act, they will go blind or will be eternally cursed. The fact that till today even scientist don’t know exactly how the palms are pollinated adds charm to the story.

Sheltered in the wonder of such ancient flora, surrounded by magical tales and against all logic, you dare not speak, let alone argue.

Two Summers

Stories have it that somewhere between October and November, there’s a second summer in our scenic hometown, Ehden. They say the weather starts getting really cold so most people will pack their belongings and bid farewell to what was probably the best summer of their lives. Only the brave stay and after enduring the foggy mornings and freezing nights, they will be rewarded with sunshine, lots of it.

And you get to zone out, relax and wear those summer clothes for the very last time before stockings, cashmere and hot chocolate take the lead. What summer piece will you miss the most?











Short: Mango

Vest: Zara

Shirt: Pull & Bear

Bag: Santorini local shop

Hat: Panama Hat

Shoes: Superga